Is the purl stitch on your chest unravelling? Alongside your sanity?

The global village punches holes in everybody’s moral fabric. And yet, few among us have the global grandmas handy for the mending of the damage.

To submit your sweaters to the svelte caresses of a seamstress in a jumped-up sweatshop someplace may be deemed extravagant by some. But initiates do know that there’s no taking too much care of one’s cashmeres! For to care is to waste the scarcest a commodity. Darning, too, is an exceptional, intense, procedure of precision, carried out entirely by hand, with considered alterations adroitly effected in a minimally invasive manner via site-specific, individual attentions. No finishes are ever frivolous, the flourishes — always contained.

If you do not own a favourite or sentimentally laden sweater,  you may still be able to get some of the therapeutic benefits of tailored darning by purchasing not merely a pre-owned but a pre-darned sweater from our limited edition set. We say ‘limited edition’, but these are one-of-a-kind pieces anyway (except that they are still a sweater, you know… and, well, um… how unique can that be, really?! but then again, so is life — infinitely replicable… Yep, this bracket is beginning to unravel).

Our limited edition collection currently comprises silks and woollens of Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and John Smedley stock — all thoroughly dry cleaned, defuzzed and bobble-free. (As you can see, our partners at Toxic Dry Cleaning Local do not discriminate against germophobes of any denomination, whilst catering profusely to the loosely bohemian lot). Material is a 100% alpaca, merino, and misanthropy (for good measure)!

Finally, do not be fooled by the parodic smarty pants that are our advertising execs: there is nothing mendacious about the Mendication Corporation. We may be talking the babble-blather of reconstituted blandness, but we are, in fact, a bona fide company providing tangible goods in a ruefully abstracted economy.


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