Tza Va is a Thracian thinker and designer, who takes tremendous pride in the traditions of her homeland (much as it is merely mythological).

Tza Va’s erstwhile ancestors, the dearly departed Lju Ka, Je Ka, Do Ra, and Di Mana, aid the artist in her enterprise continuously and in manners more than multiple. Tza Va’s dear mother, conversely, condemns association of her daughter’s occupation to the trifles of domestic labour —

the emancipated comrade that she is.


Having honed her skills at London’s AA School of Architecture, Tza Va steels her needle now confecting edificial garb in the place of habitable buildings. This vocation, she perjures — with a wistless pout whilst watching her creations on the catwalk — is a welcome devolution and the only honourable one for a fabricator of artefacts for generations to come.

Though the generations aren’t coming, seeing that she is a committed bachelor of some renown, who resides with her 2.5 imaginary children (and a timeshare pet) in a riotously retrograde suburban mansion flat.

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